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Going through a divorce can be taxing and emotionally draining, and having to decide what's best for your children can make things even more difficult. Navigating the world of child custody and shared parenting is never easy. At Pedersen Law, our child custody attorneys have the knowledge and experience it takes to advise you where your parental rights are concerned. We are dedicated to helping parents understand how child custody matters are resolved across Virginia. 

Customizing Your Childs Custody Agreement 

If you feel your child is not benefiting from an existing parenting arrangement or not receiving the time they deserve with you, we can help. At Pedersen Law, we understand that you want the very best for your children, and we use that knowledge to make plans regarding: 

  • Your Child's Best Interest: Under Virginia law, the court handles child custody matters based on the child's best interests. Therefore, in most cases, the law favors custody and parenting time that keeps both parents involved in their child's life.
  • Joint Custody: Joint custody, also called shared custody, ensures that both parents have equal time with their children. This arrangement is an excellent option for parents who can communicate and cooperate effectively as well as feel comfortable with each other. 
  • Sole Custody: This is a custody arrangement where only one parent has custody of the child. This often occurs when the involved parties cannot reach a common agreement regarding critical parenting decisions. This arrangement gives one party legal rights to make all parental decisions for a child.
  • Visitation: Depending on your situation, the court might deny your request for shared or sole custody. In this case, you might want to work with our child custody attorneys to learn what visitation options might be available to you. 

A Plan That Works for Everyone

When constructing a parenting plan, there are a couple of things to remember. For example, the plan must uphold your child's best interest, but it must also work for you and your ex-partner's schedule. Any parenting plan should also contain clear guidelines for communication and provide strategies to make decisions as well as maintaining an appropriate parenting relationship between you and your ex-partner. 

At Pedersen Law, We're Here to Help

At Pedersen Law, we are exceptionally equipped to provide top-notch legal services in Virginia. We are family-oriented and have built an impressive reputation in the communities we serve. Our goal is to help you understand your rights, find solutions that work for you, and modify the current custody and shared parenting orders.

If you decide to work with our legal team, you can rest assured you will have an outcome that meet your child's best interests and that of your family.

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